Empowering youth to learn (and teach)
through digital game creation.

Change the content, change the lesson. simplifies digital game creation! Choose a minigame template, design custom art and text, and create an original and unique educational game.

Examples could include:

  • Frogger, but now an explorer's ship crossing an ocean. Obstacles could be famine, storms, or pirates!
  • A memory game like Simon Says, but with music notes. Follow the patterns to compose a classic score.
  • A timing game like Guitar Hero, but instead of pressing the right note, be in the right lane to collect the foreign language word to match the image.



No code classes required. is designed to be as accessible as possible. That means no coding is required!

This approach empowers students to think about their humanities content in a new way, and allows those on both sides of the digital divide to create.

Draw Digital

Students complete paper packets with text and sketches, based on the humanities subject they are studying.

Once built, their games stand as an example of their understanding of course material, and are an opportunity for peers to engage with the same content in a novel way.

Mix and Match

Groups can collaborate on making a mega-game made up of several minigames played in sequence. Cover a topic in greater detail, or through multiple types of gameplay.

Go Mobile

For groups with less access to digital technology, we are building a mobile app that can use game art captured with a smartphone camera.

Soon a group leader will be able to snap a few photos of a student's work, type in their text, and hand them back the phone to play their own creation!

Our minigames could be used in all areas of the humanities, and the student act of building a game to demonstrate a concept could have powerful experiential learning benefits.

Available to use on your computer,
or on your smartphone.

Built on WordPress, and open-source. Want to start your own platform? Work with our plugin and get started.

This platform is inspired by Rita Dove's acclaimed book, Sonata Mulattica.